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Logging Metal Detectors

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Whole Log Systems:
Shielded Coil System

Under Conveyor Style Metal Detectors:
Standard L240 With A10 Search Coil
High Powered LS345 With A20 Search Coil
High Power
LS345 Control Instrument
With Shield X Search Coil
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- Fail Safe Electronics Design
- Function Monitor System
- Ten Sensitivity Settings
- Two Solid State Control Relays
- Modular Construction
- (plug-in electronic modules)
- Nema 12 Steel Cabinet
- (other NEMA rating cabinets are available)
- Wide Temperature Operating Range
- (-15° C to +55° C Ambient Air Temperature)
- Large Meter Readout
- Alarm Indication - Visual & Operating Range
- Power Input Option - 120/240V
- (50-60 Hz, AC 1 Phase)
- Ferrous & Non-ferrous Metal Detection
- Two year Warranty

Shield X A-20 Search Coil

Fiberglass Section With Search Coil Pocket

Shield X

RENS under conveyor Search Coils are designed for use with belt, vibrating and other custom conveyor systems. The Shield X design allows coil operation in difficult environmental surroundings.

Rugged construction, interior shock proofing and an all weather terminal box combine for long trouble free service.

High Power LS345
Control Instrument
LS345 Control Instrument
RFI Suppression Circuitry
RFI Shielded Cabinet

RENS Model LS345 High Power Control Instrument, combined with the A20 High Power Flat Coil provides a higher level of sensitivity that the standard L240 - A10 Flat Coil systems, in installations where surround coil systems are not practical.

Custom built Fiberglass Sections for the Search Coil installation area are also available.


Install fiberglass or wood conveyor section and Search Coil at adequate distance from chipper infeed spout to allow for belt travel after Detector stops drive motor.

Secure Search Coil with lightly driven wood shims at the sides of the coil.

Special Requirements: Conveyor belt must be vulcanized. Metallic fasteners may not be used.

A 50' length of shielded cable is furnished to connect Search Coil to Control Instrument. Control Instrument must be at least three feet away from the Coil.

Troughed Belt A20

Troughed Belt A10T and A20T

Sensitivity Table
Sensitivity Table
Maximum detection height of 1" steel ball at high sensitivity setting and in the optimum belt speed range of 100-350fpm.