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Logging Metal Detectors

Hand Held Units

Whole Log Systems:
Shielded Coil System

Under Conveyor Style Metal Detectors:
Standard L240 With A10 Search Coil
High Powered LS345 With A20 Search Coil
Lightweight Portable
Logging Metal Detector

Model P-3000 Portable Metal Detector is a lightweight, sturdy, reliable unit designed to help you locate metal in logs or standing timber.

Built in tradition of quality that marks over 50 years in the design and manufacture of Metal Detectors, the P-3000 stands ready to reduce tramp metal damage at your mill.

Metal location can be pinpointed to a narrow band along the log. The unit is easy to calibrate and operate. Sound volume can be adjusted to override noisy mill environments. Earphones may also be used.

Factory Direct Repair Service
Two Year Warranty-Parts & Labor

P-3000 Control Panel
P-3000 Control Panel


Swivel Head
Weight: Approx. 8 lbs.
Length: 51 1/2" - 57" adjustable
Power Supply: 17.5 volt
Solid State Circuitry
Adjustable Sound Level (0-90db)
Includes: earphone, shoulder strap, rechargeable battery pack & recharger.

- All New Updated Circuitry
- Greater Sensitivity
- (than previous models)
- Calibration Alert
- (warns when unit needs recalibrating)
- Adjustable Handle Length
- (three positions)
- Adjustable Search Head & Chassis
- (for individual users comfort)
- One Piece Coil Head Construction
- (provides greater durability & protection from moisture)
- Battery Check Indicator
- (quickly lets you know if unit needs recharging)
- Regulated Battery Pack
- (ten hours of continuous use without loss of sensitivity)
- Storage Case
- (shipped in hinged wooden crate)
- Easily Transported
- (handle breaks down into two pieces)
- Heavy Duty
- (designed for industrial use)

Sensitivity Table
All Distances in inches from point A*

Sensitivity Table

The above items can not be detected at distances farther away than shown in the above chart.

*The "Calibrate" sensitivity position is a continuous sound mode and can be used while pinpointing metal location.

Search Coil Distance Example

Suggested method of scanning logs

This procedure will insure that the entire surface of the log is scanned by the metal detector.

NOTE: The surface (ground, deck, concrete floor) must be free of metal in order not to interfere with electromagnetic field of the search head.

1. Place search head close to the log surface and scan the entire length of the log as shown in diagram to left.

2. Move to other side of the log and repeat step 1.

3. Roll log over as required to expose unscanned surfaces. Scan the rest of the circumference of the log covering the complete surface of the log. Overlap longitudinal sweeps to prevent dead spots.

Log Scan Demo